Waterborne leisure activities on the Tyne are of increasing popularity and an area of considerable growth and importance.

The Port of Tyne supports river use for recreational activity, however it must be remembered that the River Tyne is a busy commercial waterway. It is important that those using the river for leisure clearly understand the constraints under which large commercial vessels operate. Conversely, it is equally important that those in working vessels have consideration for the sport and pleasure user. The Port of Tyne is committed to informing and educating both sectors in the pursuit of a safe navigational environment.


Small Boats

A small craft registration and licensing scheme is operated by the Port of Tyne. This scheme seeks to ensure that all small craft operating on the River Tyne can be identified. The scheme provides the Port of Tyne with details of owners so they can be contacted in the event of an incident involving a particular craft.

All craft must be licensed on payment of the appropriate fee and the licence displayed in a conspicuous position on board the craft. Vessel details and ownership are updated annually. For an application form and further information please email: Harbour Masters Office


Download: River Recreational Guidelines

Event Planning

Byelaw 96 requires the organiser of any river based event to seek permission from the Harbour Master and provide information on the nature of the proposed event. In accordance with the Port Marine Safety Code all event organisers should submit a complete risk assessment. To assist organisers the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) has produced a series of proforma risk assessment forms that can be downloaded from the RYA website www.rya.org.uk


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