Case Study

Clean Tyne Project

The Clean Tyne Project is a partnership between Port of Tyne, Gateshead Council and North Tyneside Council. It ensures the water quality of the Tyne continues to improve - as well as raising public awareness of environmental issues.

The Clean Tyne Project works to manage the removal of litter and debris from the river to its prevention. The project works with schools and community groups to engage people in the environmental issues around the River Tyne and coordinate 'Riverbank Raids' - a voluntary clean up event bringing business and community together. 

The River Tyne is the cleanest it has ever been. Last year, the Clearwater removed 398 tonnes of debris, of which 100% was recycled. The work done through the Clean Tyne Project does more than improve the quality of the Tyne; it protects our wildlife, keeps our beaches clean and continues to promote the Tyne as a tourist attraction through the iconic bridges and buildings. It ensures a better environment for future generations.