Navigational Notices


Navigation Notice No 15 of 2015

River Tyne, Dunston Staithes - Vicinty of damaged section

Notice is hereby given that an obstruction has been located in position 54o 57.49'N,001o 37. 86'W, at a height of approximately 0.60m above Chart Datum. This appears to be a steel girder. 

The object will be marked with a buoy on Friday, 30 October 2015. All vessels navigating in the vicinity should keep well clear of this area of Dunston Staithes until further notice. 

Further information may be obtained by contacting Tyne VTS on +44 (0)191 257 2080. 

Owners, Agents and Charterers should ensure that the contents of this Navigation Notice are made known to Masters and persons in charge of their vessels. 

Navigational Notice 15 of 2015 Vicinity of damaged section

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