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Notice to Mariners No 10 of 2020 - Self-mooring Operations

Self-mooring Operations on the River Tyne

To maintain an appropriate level of safety of operations, mooring and unmooring of vessels on the River Tyne may only be carried out by individuals who are trained, licensed and approved by Port of Tyne.

Masters are advised that for the prevention of incidents, self-mooring and unmooring of vessels is not permitted.

For the purpose of this notice the term vessel does not include pleasure craft, small vessels, fishing vessels, or local harbour tugs in locations where a risk assessment has been carried out in conjunction with Port of Tyne.

It is not permitted for ships’ crews to secure or release mooring lines from the quay having disembarked or embarked from the vessel before it is fully and safely moored, with an appropriate gangway rigged. A vessel shifting within the port may use ship’s crew to move mooring lines providing that they remain on the quay until the vessel has safely moored in the new position and the gangway has been rigged, and that there are sufficient crew remaining on board to safely carry out the operation.

The practice of putting mooring lines out on a bight in order that they can be slipped to allow the vessel to sail without a mooring gang is not permitted.

Masters and Agents are advised to ensure that adequate notice is given to allow mooring gangs to attend the vessel at the appropriate time.

Notice to Mariners No 10 of 2020 Self-mooring Operations on the River Tyne

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