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Notice to Mariners No 12 0f 2020 - Port Marine Safety Code - Commercial Craft

Port Marine Safety Code – Commercial Craft

The UK Port Marine Safety Code1 requires Harbour Authorities to ensure that commercial craft operating from and within the harbour are fit for purpose – i.e. properly maintained, equipped and manned, and used only for purposes which they are capable.

All commercial vessel operators with small craft, boats or small vessels working in the Port of Tyne are therefore required to register their craft with Port of Tyne on an annual basis providing the following information:

(a) Name and address of owner/operator

(b) Vessel details:

  • Name

  • Length

  • Number of crew

  • Area of operation

  • Type of commercial activity engaged in

  • Details of any certification, if applicable

Port of Tyne will, where deemed appropriate, conduct inspections of such vessels, such inspections being based on national standards, laws and agreed codes of practice, manufacturer’s handbooks and other similar information.

The results of the inspections, and any limitations on the vessels use, will be recorded and discussed with the vessels owner and operator.

Harbour tugs in possession of a Port of Tyne Towing Vessel Statement of Registration issued by Port of Tyne are exempt from the requirements of this Notice to Mariners.

Further information on this can be obtained by contacting the Port of Tyne Harbour Office.

Notice to Mariners No 12 of 2020 - Port Marine Safety Code - Registration of Small Commercial Vessels

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