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Notice to Mariners No 13 of 2019 - Seaward Approaches

River Tyne – Seaward Approaches – Entry into Port

The Seaward Approaches of the Port of Tyne are that area of sea beyond the limits of the port required to be kept free from any obstruction or impediment to enable vessels to complete manoeuvres necessary to align themselves with the harbour entrance for safe entry between the piers, or to leave the port.

In order to reduce the risk of close quarters situations, the following requirements apply:

All vessels approaching the Port from the south or east should:

  • Be within the northern section of, or to the north of the seaward approaches at a distance of no less than 1.5 nautical miles from the entrance
  • Avoid setting a course that crosses outbound traffic for a distance from the entrance of 1.5 nautical miles

This is to prevent vessels approaching the Port from a south to south easterly direction, with a waypoint in between the piers causing crossing situations close to the entrance, and to avoiding vessels making significant alterations of course at the entrance which in turn means they are still swinging when entering the channel.

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Notice to Mariners No 13 of 2019 Approaches to the Port

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