Navigational Notices


Notice to Mariners No 7 of 2018

River Tyne – Gateshead Millennium Bridge to Swing Bridge Navigation Information

Notice is hereby given that a pontoon system shall be located in the centre of the channel between Gateshead Millennium Bridge and the Swing Bridge.

The pontoon system shall be installed on 5th June 2018 and shall be in position until 21st Sept 2018.

The dimension of the pontoon system will be approximately 75m length x 15m in breadth.

Navigation lights shall be located on the pontoon at the upriver and downriver ends with the following characteristics: Fl. Y. 5s

Four yellow special marks shall be positioned to mark outer limit of the pontoon area.

Pontoon Moorings

Moorings from the pontoon may extend into the navigable channel to the north and south, however the mooring line catenary shall be a minimum of 5m below sea level at all times.

Speed of vessels

A speed limitation of 4 knots shall be in place for the period that the pontoon is in place.

The master of a vessel shall not cause or permit the vessel to proceed at a speed greater than 4 knots over the ground between the Millennium Bridge and the Swing Bridge.


Mariners are advised that anchoring in the vicinity of the pontoon system is prohibited.

Remaining channel width

Mariners are advised that the distance between the pontoon system and the channel edge to the north and south is circa 35m.

Traffic flow.

Mariners are advised that a traffic flow system shall be in implementation in the vicinity of the pontoon system, whereby vessels are required to keep to the starboard side of the channel when passing the pontoons.

  • Vessels transiting inwards (upriver) shall pass to the North of the pontoon system.

  • Vessels transiting outwards (downriver) shall pass to the South of the pontoon system.

Byelaw 13 refers. (13) Vessels to keep to starboard side of fairway or river

13. The master of a vessel being navigated shall cause the vessel to keep as near as is

safe and practicable to the outer limit of the fairway or, in the case of a vessel not

confined to navigating in the fairway in the river, to the river bank, in either case which

lies on the starboard side of the vessel except when the vessel is turning in or crossing

the fairway.


Communications cables comprising electrical and pneumatic connections shall be installed between the pontoon system and the control site, located at HMS Calliope. These cables shall be located on the river bed.

Performances – limitations on navigation

A water fountain display shall take place every hour, on the hour, between 1000 and 2300, for a duration of 6 minutes e.g. 1000 until 1006, 1100 until 1106 etc.

During the period the water fountain display is active, navigation in the vicinity of the pontoon is prohibited.


Mariners are advised that it is an offence under Port of Tyne General Byelaws 1987 to make fast to or to interfere with the pontoon system, in any manner.

Byelaw (27) refers: Vessels not to be made fast to unauthorised objects

27. (1) The master of a vessel shall not cause his vessel to be berthed or moored except to berthing or mooring facilities provided and assigned for that purpose or to another vessel properly and effectively berthed or moored.

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Notice to Mariners No 7 of 2018 Great Exhibition of the North - Pontoons

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