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European Metal Recycling

European Metal Recycling (EMR) is one of the UK’s leading private companies and one of world’s largest metal recyclers with approximately 170 facilities globally and an annual turnover in excess of £2.5 billion. EMR’s core business is the recycling of commodities from a range of sources such as end-of-life vehicles, consumer products, industry, construction and demolition. These activities generate sales of recycled raw materials of around 10 million tonnes a year.

CHALLENGE: Wildly fluctuating international market rates for scrap metal mean that the reliable availability of nearby berths to meet market demand is important to EMR’s global operation. In such a challenging market, the company must be able to respond quickly to satisfy customer requirements.

SOLUTION: EMR’s facility at the Port of Tyne handles tonnes of scrap metal every year from factories, demolition companies, the public, tradesmen and scrap metal merchants. The processed material is sold into the Mediterranean, North America and the Far East – the Port’s 13 metre depth quay enables EMR to move up to 40,000 tonnes on one vessel. EMR transfers the material from its site to the quayside, for loading by the Port’s stevedoring team.

OUTCOME: EMR has recently invested more than £1 million in its Port of Tyne facility, where it bases some 30 transport, operations and commercial staff. EMR plan to develop the site further in order to manage global challenges, including the volatility in international demand and discounted finished steel products from China.

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"We have a very good working relationship with the Port of Tyne. We work closely together, especially when we have a vessel due in for loading."

Andrew Brady, Chief Operating Officer, EMR