Case Study


Stema Shipping is Europe's largest independent supplier of aggregates. Its quarry in Norway is the largest single granite quarry in Europe, producing about 10 million tonnes a year.

THE CHALLENGE: From its quarry in Norway, Stema ships granite all over the world in large dry bulk carriers that require deepwater berths. In the North East of England, its partner, Northumbrian Roads, uses the aggregate in the asphalt required for its infrastructure construction projects across the region. 

THE SOLUTION: Stema moved to the Port of Tyne because it needed deep water and berth access for its vessels, which carry 31,000 tonnes. It has since developed its operations significantly - becoming a tenant of the Port, leasing land on the north side and building an onsite conveyor belt for discharging the aggregates. Through a partnership with Northumbrian Roads, an asphalt plant was built onsite to service local markets. 

THE OUTCOME: Stema Shipping handle 20,000 tonnes of aggregates through the Port of Tyne every month and has gained new business. Our deepwater berths and excellent connectivity to the markets across the region have provided the ideal solution. We have provided significant open storage, allowing Stema to hold up to 60,000 tonnes of aggregates in stock close to the quayside. 

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"We are pleased with the way things are going. We have quite a few contracts on, and work has been above what we expected it to be."

Martin Johansen, Managing Director