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Port centric logistics support from the Port of Tyne has helped leading custom PC manufacturer CyberpowerPC meet customer demand during the company's busiest ever trading period.

The Port was awarded the contract to support CyberpowerPC with port centric warehousing and logistics services to help the company improve product delivery times and service levels.

Backed by leading technology brands including AMD, Intel and Nvidia, multi award winning CyberpowerPC specialises in high end, custom built PCs designed for gaming and business users. During Christmas 2021, Cyberpower experienced an exceptionally busy trading period, as consumers continued to invest in high quality home entertainment technology.

Over the past 18 months, Cyberpower has seen unprecedented growth in UK demand for its luxury computers and now manufactures thousands of custom-built systems each month at its base in the North East. Customers have the option to order fully customised systems delivered in short order or pre-configured PCs and laptops online by 2pm and have the finished items delivered the following day. In the run up to Black Friday and Christmas, CyberpowerPC experienced its busiest ever trading period as consumers continued to invest in high quality home entertainment technology.

Using port centric warehousing and outsourced logistics services from the Port of Tyne has helped CyberpowerPC to significantly improve supply chain performance, with a more streamlined logistics operation and real-time stock management. Prior to working with the Port, component shipments would arrive at multiple UK port destinations from Asia and be stored locally in different warehouses, or backed up at port, before delivery into their Gateshead site. This often created delays and stock control issues.

Now, all container shipments are shipped to South Shields and stored in a port-centric warehouse. Using the Port's warehouse management software system, CyberpowerPC management can maintain a tight production schedule, with just in time ordering of components whenever they need them. Operatives at the Port of Tyne pick the pallets required for onwards delivery to Cyberpower's locally based manufacturing site, using the Port's fleet of logistics vehicles.

"Outsourcing our warehousing and logistics to the Port of Tyne allows us to maintain very fast, very flexible, production cycles because stock is held locally and this is key to our value proposition as a custom PC manufacturer," says Steve Mason at Cyberpower. "It meant we could prepare for our busiest trading periods knowing that the logistics of getting components in good time for our production schedules will be running like clockwork. Ours is a fiercely competitive industry where we compete not just in value but also in procurement and logistics; working with the Port of Tyne has given us a strategically advantageous arsenal of logistics support, scalable as we continue to grow, which our competitors will be unable to match."

"We are delighted to be working with a local manufacturing company like CyberpowerPC, providing efficient, outsourced logistics services to enable their business to grow," says Richard Newton, Commercial Director for Logistics at the Port of Tyne.

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