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Port of Tyne, one of the UK’s leading deep-sea ports, has announced the completion of its border control post (BCP) building this month, ahead of schedule.

The Port of Tyne’s new BCP, located at the ferry terminal at North Shields, is required to inspect food products of animal origin (POAO) and plants imported via DFDS vessels from the Netherlands. These products can only be imported through border control posts, located at ports and airports, where they must undergo checks to ensure import conditions are met. The post at the Port of Tyne is built in alignment with the Government’s Border Operating Model, brought in to provide clarity for the border industry and UK import and export businesses following the UK’s departure from the EU.

The Home Office first approached Ports around the UK in October 2020 to bid for grant funding to construct border control posts and make improvements to Port infrastructure to meet the new Border Operating Model regulations. The completion of the Port of Tyne’s BCP forms a major part of the works following a total £4.2m grant and was formally handed over to the Port on 4 October. The Government recently announced that border control facilities will be operational from January 2022.

The works at the International Passenger Terminal have been overseen by a team from the Port of Tyne, with project management from Total Project Integration Ltd and design and construction by Robertson Construction Ltd.

Kevin Emmett, Head of Infrastructure Developments at Port of Tyne, commented: “The works at the border control post have been designed and constructed to a very high standard within time and budget and have been undertaken in compliance with health and safety regulations throughout. We have completed the project ahead of schedule which has been positively endorsed by the Border Protocol Group Infrastructure Delivery Team. The project team - both internal and external - and the contractor have managed to do a great deal since works began in February.”

Teun-Wim Leene, Route Director at DFDS, which sees daily ferry sailings between the Port of Tyne and the Netherlands, commented: “We are very excited about the completion of the new BCP, ensuring our freight customers can continue importing products of animal origin (POAO), plants, and greens in the brand new, state of the art BCP of Port of Tyne.”

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