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Renowned lifestyle and clothing brand, Barbour has expanded its partnership with Port of Tyne, ahead of a busy summer sales period, with a new port-centric warehousing agreement.

Barbour, based in South Shields, has been successfully using the coastal feeder container service from Felixstowe to South Shields for a number of years. The new agreement with Port of Tyne builds upon a successful, local partnership and will play an important role in supporting Barbour during what is projected to be a busy sales year for the brand.

The agreement will see Barbour take advantage of the Port of Tyne's port-centric warehouse operations, which provides experienced personnel, high security and sophisticated, integrated systems for stock control and accuracy. Barbour's close proximity to the Port of Tyne, less than one mile from the company's headquarters, and the increased warehousing capacity at the Port, offers Barbour the flexibility to cope with the expected increase in demand in the coming months.

Port of Tyne's port-centric warehouse facilities and systems will provide Barbour with a flexible buffer to manage the ebb and flow of demand, ensuring consistent supply with minimal disruption and seamless service to the customer.

Barbour products arrive into Felixstowe and are subsequently shipped to South Shields, using the coastal feeder service provided by BG Freight or Unifeeder. Each container shipped saves around 600 road miles per container, compared to road haulage. From the Port, items have less than a mile to travel to Barbour's warehouse in South Shields, avoiding further extensive CO2 emissions.

Richard Newton, Port of Tyne Commercial Director, said: "We have worked closely with Barbour for a number of years and the new agreement is the next logical step in our successful partnership. With our port-centric approach and expertise and our close proximity, we are able to support Barbour throughout the supply chain, from containers and shipping, to warehousing, and transport, reducing unnecessary delays, road miles and disruption to the consumer. It is always a pleasure to work with a local company, especially one with whom we have such a successful and long-standing partnership, and we look forward to continuing to support Barbour in the future."

Derek Middleton, Head of Distribution, Barbour, said: "We are delighted to be expanding our partnership with the Port of Tyne. We are both North East companies and with the Port less than a mile from Barbour's HQ, it offers us greater efficiencies and flexibility. The team at Port of Tyne has been great to work with and together we have identified the best logistical solutions to enable us to deliver products to our customers on time this summer."

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