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Marking a first for the Port of Tyne, the first ever container shipment of goods coming directly from China into the UK has docked and been efficiently unloaded in South Shields.

The vessel was utilised by a number of leading retailers, to ensure a wide range of consumer goods from well-known brands would arrive in time for peak trading periods. It represents a turning point for South Shields as a potential destination for logistics providers seeking an alternative to congested southern ports.

“This is the first time we have handled containers coming direct from China and it demonstrates that the Port can have a significant impact on easing current challenges of capacity being experienced within the UK shipping and logistics sector,” says Richard Newton, Commercial Director for Logistics at the Port of Tyne.

The Port of Tyne has regularly demonstrated the ability to handle additional vessels at short notice and provide highly efficient handling services for shipping providers. Its location makes it an ideal choice for customers who are seeking a range of routes to market with multimodal transportation options including rail, road, onwards shipping, plus environmentally efficient port centric warehousing.

As the UK continues to struggle with inbound supply chain issues, the Port of Tyne has strategically expanded its range of intermodal services. Most recently, GB Railfreight (GBRf) commenced an intermodal service from the Port of Tyne to strategic rail hubs in Yorkshire and the Midlands. These new port to rail freight services were launched to ease the strains created by simultaneously increased consumer demand and global supply chain challenges, to ensure timely delivery of goods across the UK.

“We’re very proud to have handled this shipping service direct from China and believe it could play a key role in helping to alleviate current challenges in the shipping and logistics sector,” adds Richard Newton. “Very importantly, it also means people are potentially able to get the goods they want more quickly.”

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