Howdon Green Energy Park

The Port of Tyne is proposing a new 25MW energy recovery facility at Howdon Yard, North Tyneside.

The process will utilise treated household waste, transported in sealed bales direct to the plant as and when it is needed. There will be no waste externally stored at the facility.

New technology ensures that any emissions from the plant would be well within national and European air quality standards, controlled by Government regulations.

As well as the benefit to the environment through the reduction in landfill waste, the proposal will provide the following economic benefits to the local area:

  • 50 full time jobs would be created at the facility, with apprenticeships and training opportunities made available to local people
  • An estimated 470 construction jobs would be supported during the 24 month build period
  • An estimated 710 further indirect jobs would be supported in the supply chain
  • An increase in GVA of £11m per annum which would stimulate economic growth and revenue for North Tyneside
  • In association with the development of the new facility, as well as its current commitment to the local community Port of Tyne will create a specific fund for the benefit of the people in the surrounding area, which would be managed locally