Coastal Shipping


Increasing traffic, congestion in the South of England, coupled with a national shortage of drivers is making the transportation of containers North by road from Felixstowe, London Gateway and Southampton ever more expensive and challenging.

When nothing's moving from A to's time to try sea

Port of Tyne connects you faster to your Northern markets, our frequent and reliable short sea feeder services enable you to avoid costly delays and disruptions to your supply chain and save you time, miles and money.

Over 90% of containers arrive at one of the UK’s southern ports. Much of it then goes on a long and arduous journey by road to a final destination hundreds of miles away in the northern half of the country. Is that route to market really the most efficient?

Thanks to shortages of trucks and drivers, your cargo might be left languishing on the quayside for a week or more. Road congestion can then see the truck held up in a traffic jam for so long that the driver reaches their maximum driving time and must park up in a layby – with your cargo.

At Port of Tyne, we offer you the connection without the congestion with regular feeder services operated by BG Freight Line and Unifeeder linking South Shields with Rotterdam, Grangemouth, Felixstowe and the rest of the world. You won’t find congestion in the North Sea and by bringing your cargo closer to its final destination, you can dramatically shorten the road leg of the journey.

And not to mention that while you will be saving miles, time and money, you would also be reducing drastically your carbon emission...try our Carbon Saving Calculator to find out exactly how much CO you will be saving.


  • The Port of Tyne has an industry leading 16min haulier turnaround time
  • The Port of Tyne's recent investment will increase the capacity of Container Terminal by 40%
  • The costs of congestion to operators of heavy goods vehicle is £1 per minute
  • A feeder vessel emits 7 times less CO2 for the movement of a container per km compared to an average laden HGV.

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