Film & Photography

The Port of Tyne is supportive of the film industry and media sector and will consider all requests to use the Port land or premises for filming or photography.


Filming and photography on the Port's estate is not permitted without authorisation. These guidelines provide information on how to request permission to film or take photographs and the restrictions that apply.

The Port's Marketing and Communications team is happy to discuss commercial filming and photography requirements. The decision to grant permission or otherwise is at the sole discretion of the Port of Tyne.

Due to the nature of the location, filming and photography at the Port of Tyne is subject to security and operational restrictions. The Marketing and Communications team will review each application received on a case by case basis and will advise if permission can be granted.

All authorised filming and photography at the Port (excluding news) is classed as commercial and is subject to a location charge.

Filming and photography requests must be received in good time to allow for the necessary planning and administration. We may not be able to accommodate requests made at short notice so please advise the Port of Tyne of your request as soon as possible. Generally a request must be made at least ten working days prior to the date you wish to film or take photographs.

Due to the number of filming requests received, the Port of Tyne is unable to facilitate student projects, filming for pilot projects or un-commissioned filming or photography requests.

For information about drone use around the Port, please refer to our notice to mariners


The use of drones within the statutory limits of the Port of Tyne is becoming increasingly popular. Unfortunately, this introduces unwelcome distractions for the vessels navigating within the Port. Drone pilots are requested to avoid flying their aircraft above or around any vessel moving within port limits.

Cruise ships and Ferries may have large crowds on deck and quaysides, and this must be kept in mind when deciding on a flight path.

All drone flights must only be undertaken in compliance with the Civil Aviation Authority requirements for whichever category or subcategory the drone falls under, and pilots must be aware of any operating area restrictions in place for the subcategory of the drone.

As per the Port of Tyne General Byelaws, unless permission is given, drones cannot be launched or recovered on the dock estate.

Byelaw 89 




89. (1) No person shall land or take off an aircraft (including a seaplane) in or from within the port or on or from a vessel in the port except with the permission of the harbour master and subject to any conditions he may impose. 


(2) No person shall use or cause to be used any part of the dock estate for the landing or taking off of an aircraft except with the consent of the Authority and subject to any conditions they may impose.


The below link is a useful resource for what will apply to you based on the type of drone used and for what reason.


Previous filming productions at the Port of Tyne have included:

TV series

  • Sea Cities Tyneside (BBC2)
  • Vera - ITV production episodes for series 4, 5 and 6
  • Great British Railway Journeys (BBC1)
  • Coast (BBC1)
  • Country File (BBC1)
  • Mega Shippers (Discovery Channel)


  • Ways to Live Forever 2010
  • Nopv 2012
  • Bliss 2015
  • Waterboys 2015


  • Korea Exchange Bank
  • Stoptober 2012
  • Barbour 2014
  • Barbour 2016


To make a request to film or take photos contact, providing as much detail as possible about the purpose, scale and duration of the shoot.