Bulk Storage


Aggregates, plywood, wood pellet, scrap metal – these are just some of the bulk cargoes being moved through, and stored, at the Port of Tyne. Our facilities range from conveyor-linked heavy-duty hardstanding areas for open storage, to high-security transit sheds.

Bulk storage facilities at the Port of Tyne are used by companies such as Drax, International Plywood, LPL, Oxbow and Stema Shipping. A conveyor system runs from the quayside to our open storage areas, while specialist covered storage is provided in our high-security transit sheds.

High-spec weighing facilities – in and out, for road and rail – ensure efficient stock management.

Key Facts

  • Over 20,000m2 of high-security transit sheds
  • Conveyor system from quay to storage areas
  • Weighing facilities

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