We constantly strive for improvements to reduce our impact on the environment.

It’s not just about the little, albeit very important, things. We have a 99% recycling record, utilise energy-saving lighting and we operate the Clearwater, the workboat that removes debris from the river for recycling.

It’s also the big issues: renewable energy, air quality and noise control; education and action.

We were the first to handle large quantities of the new renewable fuel for power stations – wood pellet – and the first to develop cutting-edge technology to reduce its environmental impact that is now the envy of others in the sector.

As a lively 24/7 hub for traffic by road, rail and sea, right in the heart of a local community, we take our environmental responsibility seriously and we monitor our impact so that we can identify any problems early and find a solution.

In 2016, we were re-certified with the environmental standard ISO:14001. We have worked hard on reducing waste, re-using and recycling, noise reduction and energy-saving measures. We also spread the word; we work with our customers and tenants to sustain our resources for future generations and working with the Clean Tyne Team, we sponsor an educational booklet for schools.