About us

Welcome to Port of Tyne, one of UK’s most innovative and efficient deep-sea ports handling cargoes across five continents.

Your Growth, Our Commitment

Welcome to Port of Tyne, where your business is not just a customer – it’s a valued partner. At Port of Tyne, we are dedicated to transforming your supply chain and fueling your business growth. Our relentless focus on collaboration has made us pioneers in innovative solutions, handling diverse cargoes, and offering unparalleled services.

Strategic Partnerships, Lasting Solutions

We take immense pride in making your business our focus. Our approach goes beyond mere transactions; we forge enduring partnerships. Together, we delve into challenges, finding transformative solutions that optimize your supply chain and elevate your business to new heights.

Investing in Excellence

We continually invest in enhancing our cutting-edge facilities situated along the picturesque River Tyne in North East England. Accessible through a robust network of sea routes, major roads, and rail, our location is a strategic hub, ensuring swift and efficient movement of goods.

Endless Possibilities in Cargo Handling

Our expertise spans a vast spectrum of cargoes, from delicate raw tea and forest products to robust metals and even train carriages. Whether it's cars, containers, bulk goods, renewable energy, or offshore equipment, our capabilities know no bounds. We offer a seamless, end-to-end solution – a true one-stop shop where your goods move with unparalleled safety, security, and efficiency.

Beyond Boundaries, Across Continents

Port of Tyne is not just a port; it's a promise. We handle the intricate needs of thousands of cruise and ferry passengers, ensuring their journeys are as memorable as the destinations they reach. Our commitment to diversity, excellence, and reliability extends to every cargo we handle and every partner we serve.

At Port of Tyne, we combine tradition with innovation, transforming challenges into opportunities and connections into enduring partnerships. Join us on this journey, where your business growth is not just a goal but our shared commitment.

Port of Tyne: No Ordinary River