Cruise passengers can choose from a wide range of itineraries, from half to full days. Needing inspiration? We have developed themed shore itineraries which will introduce you to our beautiful, varied region and all that it offers. The Port of Tyne is a must-visit location – passengers can be sure of a world-class experience.

Itineraries available for cruise passengers include the Capital of World Culture, the Castles and Coast of North East England, Steeped in History – Discover Hadrian’s Wall, Immerse Yourself in an Urban Adventure, The Beauty of an English Country Garden, and hands-on History and Cultural Experiences.

The Castles and Coast of North East England

Stroll across spectacular sands and explore our imposing fortresses. You will be spoilt for choice with miles of majestic coastline and more castles than any other English region.


Steeped in History - Discover Hadrian's Wall

For 300 years Hadrian’s Wall was the Roman Empire’s most imposing frontier and one of the wonders of the ancient world.


Hands-On History and Cultural Experiences

In North East England we can offer unparalleled experiences for cruise passengers. There are a unique range of activities and workshops within easy travelling distance that will immerse visitors in the history and culture of the region.


The Beauty of an English Country Garden

The English love their gardens and they bloom in spectacular abundance around North East England.


Immerse Yourself in An Urban Adventure

Go straight to the heart of the action and sample what makes our cities great.


The Capital of World-Class Culture

Culture pours out of every inch of North East England, which has become renowned for the quality and vibrancy of its arts scene.


Explore and Discover North East England


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