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Elevating Safety: Port of Tyne's Collaboration with Rescue Pod

Discover how the Port of Tyne's collaboration with local business Rescue Pod exemplifies a commitment to safety, innovation, and community growth, enhancing operational efficiency through comprehensive training solutions and meticulous equipment servicing.

Partnering for Safety and Efficiency 

At the heart of the bustling Port of Tyne and our Tyne 2050 strategy lies a strong commitment to safety, innovation, and collaboration. One remarkable partnership that exemplifies these values is the collaboration between the Port of Tyne and Rescue Pod, a local business based in South Tyneside. This partnership has not only enhanced safety measures but has also demonstrated the power of local businesses coming together to foster growth and excellence in the community. 


Rescue Pod: Supporting Onsite Training and Equipment Services 

Rescue Pod provides valuable services to the Port of Tyne. Its primary contributions involve supporting the Port's onsite training team and servicing the evacuation equipment used on the cranes. In addition to its commitment to the Port, the business is an active member of the South Tyneside Pledge and the Northeast Automotive Alliance, two regional organizations that promote collaboration and growth among local businesses. 


Training Excellence: Enhancing Safety through Knowledge 

In early 2022, the Port of Tyne sought assistance from Rescue Pod to enhance the skills of their training instructors. Specifically, the Port needed help in training instructors to utilize auto descent equipment mounted on cranes and warehouse VNAs. The local business responded with a comprehensive "train the trainer" course, empowering the Port's internal instructors to effectively deliver auto-descent training to their employees. 

In February 2023, four training staff members successfully completed the course with glowing feedback. The training not only imparted skills related to auto-descent equipment (specifically the Skylotec Milan system) but also deepened participants' understanding of working at heights and rescue procedures. This newfound knowledge improved the safety of operations and bolstered the confidence of the Port's training team. 


A Model of Collaboration for a Safer Future 

The collaboration between the Port of Tyne and Rescue Pod stands as a shining example of how local businesses can play a pivotal role in enhancing safety, knowledge, and efficiency within a community. Through innovative training solutions, meticulous equipment servicing, and a commitment to shared goals, this partnership has not only improved the Port's operations but has also highlighted the potential of local collaborations to foster growth and excellence. 

As our Tyne 2050 strategy continues to prioritize safety, innovation, and collaboration, this partnership serves as a testament to the impact that businesses, working hand in hand, can have on shaping a safer and more prosperous future for all.  

For more information about Rescue Pod's services and their collaboration with the Port of Tyne, please visit 

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