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Unlock Our Green Future: A Dive into Tyne 2050 Strategy through Gaming

In a groundbreaking move towards embracing innovation, the Port of Tyne invites gamers and software developers nationwide to unlock its visionary 2050 goals at Maritime Innovation Week 2023. Scheduled for November 9th, this unique business gaming hackathon, also known as Game Jam, offers a platform for creative minds to gamify the Port's ambitious strategic objectives.

The Challenge: Tyne 2050 Strategy

Port of Tyne’s Tyne 2050 strategy is at the heart of this gaming extravaganza. Participants, in teams of up to four, are tasked with selecting a theme from the strategic development projects outlined in the Tyne 2050 strategy. These themes, such as Zero Harm, Green Energy, and Operational Efficiency, are designed to transform complex business strategies into engaging game concepts. The challenge? Develop a creative 2D game within a single day, enabling the Port's 350 colleagues to experience the broader impacts of these strategies.

Game Development, Unleashed: A No-Code Challenge

This Game Jam comes with a twist - developers must employ a no-code game development platform like GameMaker or GDevelop. This restriction adds an element of creativity, pushing participants to think innovatively and create impactful games without traditional coding languages.

Judging and Rewards

A panel of gaming experts, including representatives from Ubisoft, will evaluate the game concepts. The ultimate victors will not only gain recognition for their innovative approach but also pocket a cash prize of £500. Ubisoft, a renowned gaming company, acknowledges the Port of Tyne's pioneering spirit in fostering maritime innovation through unconventional means.

Join the Innovation Voyage

The Port of Tyne's Head of Technology, Ian Blake, emphasized the event's importance in bringing the Tyne 2050 strategic objectives to life. This Game Jam isn't just a competition; it's a journey to inspire change and showcase the commercial relevance of innovative ideas.

To be a part of this extraordinary event and shape the future of maritime innovation, sign up for the Maritime Innovation Week Game Jam on November 9th, 2023, at the 2050 Innovation Hub, Port of Tyne. For more details and registration, visit

Dive into the future, unleash your creativity, and be a catalyst for change. Join us at the Maritime Innovation Week Hackathon 2023 and be a part of redefining the Port of Tyne's tomorrow. Don’t miss your chance to make a difference!